Become An Edco Dealer

Becoming a dealer of Edco Products is a very rewarding and profitable business decision. We offer many incentives, monthly specials, point of purchase materials, and direct referrals to people requesting products in your area. For first-time dealer we offer a  “New Dealer Start-Up Package”.

New Preferred Dealer Start-Up Package Includes:

1) A list of popular products to carry
2) POS materials (including signage &
colour brochures)
3) Exclusive first time order discounts
4) Preferred Dealer Decal For Your Website:


If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact a StarDiamond representative at 1.800.282.6470 or via email at


Receive These Incentives:

1) Signage. Authorized EDCO Tool dealer PVC signage for indoor or outdoor use
2) Picture diagram showing how to properly display EDCO's high quality products.
3) Full Color Catalogs & Countertop Holder.
4) Price Lists. Suggested retail price lists for you to give to customers or for your reference.
5) Products Needed for Display. Quantity of tools needed to display and initial stock for reserve.

Enjoy These Benefits:

1) Selection. Receive a wide assortment of the best selling tools on the market.
2) Competitive Pricing. Discounts are available on your initial order plus our regular dealer pricing is lower than other national and private brands in the industry.
3) Quality & Professional Look. A point of purchase display conveys to your customer a professionalism to the company.
4) Profitability. Our pricing structure allows each dealer to make a fair and equitable margin.
5) Availability. Having the products in stock is convenient for customers and will influence their decision to purchase the tools
6) Receive hands-on training and online instructional classes on each tool



Dealer who make significant investments in the EDCO product line, as well as their own website, can qualify to become an StarDiamond Elite Edco Dealer. StarDiamond will promote these dealer partners by prominently displaying the Preferred Online Dealer marketing logo on product pages.

StarDiamond Tools will also have a webpage dedicated to Elite Edco Dealers with a direct link to the StarDiamond Tools landing page on the dealer’s website.