EDCO Rental & Distribution


As the rental company - you are in control - and that is how it is going to stay. 

Customer service is so much more than doling out a few smiles and answering the occasional phone call. At StarDiamondTools, we take our role as your official EDCO dealer very seriously.

In today's competitive specialty equipment market, you need the latest equipment how-to's and the latest customer acquisition strategies to grow your EDCO rental company.

As part of our new rep program, we are offering FREE manuals that are customised to the Magna Trap & EDCO equipment you purchased. These manuals are filled with tips, links, and resources that will train your staff on how to use the piece of EDCO & Magna Trap equipment you purchased. We have also included proprietary information that will help you boost your equipment rentals and grow your loyal clientele.


Request your FREE copy of the Rep Program Training Manual today!

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